‘INTERACTIVITY’ is the word that explains my day. INTERACTIVITY is the beginning of Success and Happiness.

It’s been a REALLY hard lesson for me to learn, yet as much as I have fought this, I have found, that we are not alone.

Social networks…sad, but true…are one thing, that has helped to teach me the POWER of ‘interactivity.’
There are times that we NEED to reach out and ‘touch’ someone.
The truth, is that we DESIRE to know that we are not alone in this world.
The action of interacting with others has proven to me, that the wonderful thing about ‘connecting’ with others, is that it has truly given me additional power to make my dreams come true.
The power of interacting has given me happiness in ways which I could have never calculated or predicted. It is a power that is both ‘given’ and ‘gained’ What could be more wonderful than that!

How can the power of interactivity help YOU….and YOUR business? Believe me…there are 101 different ways!

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    Larry W. Voorhees said,

    You have hit one of the nails directly on the head, Miss Dana. We were created to be "community-oriented" beings. We were not created to be a soloist. God pointed that out in the beginning. If you recall, after each point in Creation, He said, "It is good." The first time He said, "It is not good…" is shortly after He created Adam. He said, "It is not good for Man to be alone." This was the beginning of the concept that we, as created beings, need each other.What I have found, and I know that you have experienced this as well, is that two or more people can coalesce into something that is far greater than the sum of the individuals.I am very proud of you, my friend, and am honored and humbled to be included in your circle of "interactivity".

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