‘When POWER is a hindrance and not a help!

I have sometimes found that my ‘exuberance’ of life is sometimes mistaken as ‘ego,’ ‘Hollywood,’ or ‘falseness.’ What a shame. When the reality is that of a child of hopelessness finally finding the joy in living.

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    Moinuddin Ali Khan said,

    Many times many things are mistaken as ego and many times the ego is mistaken for many things. Takes a listener’s ear to listen to the non-ego and an ego’s ear to listen to the ego! 🙂

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    I sometimes have found a similar reaction from people, Dana. It is sad, that many don’t see the joy in life that those who have traveled a darker path at times, have found, now that we are experiencing the light. Even more confusing to some people are the times that we “consider it pure joy” when “we receive trials of many kinds, for it is through the testing of our faith that we develop perseverance.”
    Some people simply don’t get it yet, but that’s ok. That’s why God has given the world people like you, to let His light and glory shine through.

    Or, to put it another way… you RAWK! 🙂
    –Larry Voorhees

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