“A Christmas Prayer!” Dana – On The Simplicity and Power of Love


This Christmas morning, I was relaxing in the crystal clear water of my Jacuzzi out back, listening to the birds singing in the trees, while admiring the shades of blue tile glimmering beneath the surface of the water.  “Wow! They matched the beautiful hue of bright blue in the crisp, clear sky perfectly!” I thought.

I was sitting on the hidden bench within the warm swirling water and enjoying the slight breeze that cooled the heated skin of my upper body, as my little golden dog lay content on the grass just outside.

Suddenly, my sense of peace and serenity was disturbed by the alarming buzz of a bee circling close to my arms. For a moment, I stiffened in a child-like panic…fearing the worst of intentions from the monstrous, fierce-looking yellow and black insect.

I thought for a moment of flailing wildly to scare it away…or perhaps I could SWAT it down into the water and force it to drown!

Yet, just as quickly as I realized my automatic, knee-jerk reaction to it’s presence…I took a deep breath and willed my body and mind to calm down.  I thought to myself, “It’s just a bee.” “It is a life, just like mine.” “This little creature has just as much right to be here as I do.”

As I slowly relaxed, I wondered to myself about the nature of business this little creature was about.

As it continued to circle around me, I asked myself, “Perhaps, all it wants, is to drink safely from a little drop of water that is glistening on my skin?” “I can imagine it might be difficult and dangerous to drink from an ocean of pool water!”

Exhaling slowly, I mentally invited the little fellow to land unharmed upon my arm in a gesture of love and friendship.

Somehow…I was not all that shocked when it did.

And though it was only there for a mere fraction of a second before it flew off to somewhere unknown…I felt a wonderful sense of peace and connection with the universe as a whole.

Later, as I pulled the roasted turkey from the oven, I realized that most of the time, we as humans act and react out of fear.  And I was saddened to think of all the times, I myself had done this…the relationships destroyed or damaged…the business plans faulted or ruined.

“Why is it?” I wondered to myself, “That, the critters in the ‘wild’ seemed to understand and respect the boundaries of others.” “And, that when most ‘animals’ encounter something new or uncertain…that they react with curiosity or caution…NOT aggressive fight or panicked flight?”

As I busied myself at the kitchen stove, a myriad of thoughts flew through my mind…

That we as humans spend countless, needless minutes, hours, and years engaging in the destructive nature brought on by fear…fear…resulting in anger, jealousy, betrayal or rejection.

And that this (often, un-warranted) fear then destroys or damages our personal relationships with bitter disputes, arguments, ‘bad-mouthing’ about others, and emotionally abusive words.

Because of fear, we sabotage business plans and community networking with selfishness, vicious gossip and greed.

And worst of all, we kill each other in the name of politics, greed or religion!

All of this destructiveness…because we allow our fear to control our automatic, ‘knee-jerk; reactions to all that we do not understand or know?

“Ahhhh…” “How truly sad!” I thought. Sighing deeply, I realized that perhaps there is a very simple, and powerful way to avoid such negativity and destruction.

I finished whipping up the garlic-mashed potatoes and poured the warm aromatic gravy into the china gravy bowl, and then lit the bright red candle on the table set for one.

“I wonder what would happen?” I questioned myself as I began to carve the turkey. “If we, as humans spent more time sending out messages of love, acceptance, tolerance and friendship…that perhaps the bee’s of this world would not sting!”

“Perhaps then…we could calm our hands, our voices and our minds. Perhaps then, our hearts would sing as one with the universe, and we could all travel safe and protected in the simplicity and power of love.”

I set the warm, wonderful smelling plate of food on the table, sat down, and bowed my head in prayer.

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